Fazley Yaakob, Isteri Dedah Kisah Ditindas Oleh Individu Sangat Terkenal

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Berita tentang kemenangan kerajaan baru di Malaysia nampaknya semakin dihangatkan lagi dengan beberapa kisah yang selama ini terselindung daripada pengetahuan ramai. Kali ini penyanyi dan juga chef selebriti Fazley Yaakob mendedahkan kisah bagaimana keluarganya ditindas oleh individu yang sangat terkenal di negara ini.

(Seen in the picture: The famous handshake that all of those she despises has encountered. Looks like I wasn’t spared.) . She was the one who introduced me to her daughter and matchmade us together, but when things got serious and i asked for her daughter’s hand in marriage she said no. Then she asked her witch doctors if we were good for each other. Her witch doctor said, “The boy is good for the girl and vice versa, but your power won’t work on them, his family has too many religious members of the family. For every son she has as a result of this union, your power will decrease” Guess what? All hell broke lose right after! Here is my wifes side of her story, about her own mom whom she still love so dearly. Sadly, its only one sided:. . Today marks the end of an era of tyranny that many have prayed for. I grew up looking up to these two individuals, loving them, respecting them. There was a time when i would have walked through the fires of hell and back for them. As i grew older, i saw the selfishness and greed of one above all else. I experienced firsthand emotional, physical and mental abuse at the hands of the one on the left. I witnessed firsthand the same abuse she caused onto the one on the right. . I witnessed many trespasses, deals and handshakes these two made for the benefit of power and to fuel their appetite for greed. The amount of money in briefcases exchanging hands and being spent like water not for the benefit of the rakyat but to be spent like water on jewels, bribery of officials and used in the pursuit of gaining more power. Shamans, witch doctors, aesthetic doctors and the like walking the pathways of my home for one reason or another but mostly to bring to heel and gain dominion over their peers and over their family members, even to cause harm on those who were audacious enough to cross them. The numerous offshore accounts opened to launder money out of the country for their personal spending . 👆👆👆 SWIPE LEFT FOR MORE

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Mungkin bagi sesetangah rakyat Malaysia, apa yang didedahkan oleh pasangan suami isteri ini adalah sangat mengejutkan malah dalam masa yang sama turut mencetuskan perbalahan di Instagram gara-gara pendedahan tersebut.

Selain ada yang mendesak supaya Fazley memadam kembali apa yang telah dikongsikannya itu, namun ada juga yang mahu keadilan dapat ditegakkan setelah rakyat mengetahu perkara yang sebenar.

Apa pun bak kata Tun Mahathir, segala urusan siasatan selepas ini berhubung sebarang skandal yang melibatkan negara akan disiasat sebaiknya mengikut landasan undang-undang. Doakanlah yang terbaik untuk negara tercinta.

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